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At Jacobs and Associates, we speak with directors and managers in ER and Critical Care units around the country, and we have proven to be a good sounding board for healthcare management to bounce ideas off of, and, at times, vent their frustrations. We hope this blog becomes a resource for emergency and critical care professionals to keep tabs on healthcare industry buzz.

Having To Do More With Less?

For quite a while now we have been hearing from leaders in ER departments and critical care units alike that they are being asked to do more with less. Recently, I had a discussion with the Executive Director of 30 physician, pediatric clinic in the Northwest. She explained some of the challenges they are now facing in dealing with patient reform. A quote from her sums up her frustrations more eloquently than I could paraphrase:

“How do you make the bottom line black while you’re still trying to do innovative, transformational work? For instance, it’s very frustrating to build a medical home when your reimbursements are being cut, yet you still have to hire care managers, social workers, quality people and phycologists.”

She, like many of the ED directors we speak with on a daily basis often express the same sentiment: “how do we do more with less?” Standards are rising, new methodology is being implemented and regulations must be met, yet budgets are taking hits and payment plans are changing.

Making a Fee-for-Service system work well with Capitation is a challenge to say the least. Too often now that challenge becomes a fight to keep the doors open. As the nation’s premier provider of ER and Critical Care management professionals, we at Jacobs and Associates, LLC not only know of these struggles, we know the best way to hit them head on and fight back is to have the best possible leadership team in place. Finding not only the right fit handle the job demands, but also the right person to fit the hospital culture.

Please call us to discuss these issues, and to see how we can help you locate the best talent to tackle them.